TRADE QUOTES' Data Entry Service

If your livelihood consists of analyzing and working with data—and if keying data is not your primary function—don't waste your time with data entry when Trade Quotes could be doing it for you.

Trade Quotes, Inc. has experienced professional data entry operators who can convert your hard copy—the information you've got on paper—to digital copy in short order. We provide you with quality work, and deliver on our promises.

Most of our keying consists of personnel data, financial data, medical information, litigation data and opinion surveys. However, we can enter any type of information you've got!

A major advantage of using Trade Quotes is that our software enables us to do keying and verifying. This means that we can key a job twice, with the second keying of the data (the verifying) being compared to the first file keyed. This allows us to discover any keying errors made and to correct them. While it is an industry standard to key and verify when accuracy is essential, not everybody does it. Trade Quotes provides this service for each and every project. Trade quotes delivers the highest level of quality (accuracy); and meets delivery schedules as promised, while maintaining data and document security and confidentiality.

Most people find the cost of our service to be very reasonable, especially when weighed against the unthinkable alternative... doing it yourself. We're always happy to give you a general estimate over the phone. You may also fax or email a document (.doc or .pdf) with more details so we can price out a job accurately for you.

An example: A project for the marketing group of a Fortune 500 bank required the on-line screen capture of website data that resulted in over 10,000 records of information. The screen images were printed and then the required information was data entered and merged with other files to complete the EXCEL database.


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