Trade Quotes Inc. (TQ) was incorporated in the fall of 1970 to provide computerized stock market reports to the nation's trade publications industry. TQ was one of the first companies outside the investment and newspaper communities to offer a commercial service based on a real-time stock market database.

Since that time, TQ has identified and offered a variety of data processing services that reflected its owners' experience and expertise: Data Entry, Database Management, Production Processing, MIS Report Production, Media Conversions, and Statistical Processing.

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TRADE QUOTES' Principals

TQ's owners and officers are Allen Liberman and Leonard Phillips. They take a hands-on approach to every job that TQ processes.

Allen Liberman—Founder and Partner
B.E.E. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
M.S.E.E. Carnegie Mellon University
Engr.D. University of Detroit
Corporate Financial Officer, Computer Design Engineer

Leonard Phillips—Partner
A.B. Brandeis University
Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education
U.S. Army Signal Corp Specialist, Teacher, Publishing House Advertising Manager, Service Bureau Operations Manager


TRADE QUOTES—A Member of Your Team

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