TRADE QUOTES' Survey Tabulating

Survey tabulating provides the consolidated results of the respondents to your survey or questionnaire.

Surveys are created for a number of reasons. For example, your neighborhood association wants to find out what the local residents think about a variety of issues; or your company wants to see how the marketplace values a developing product. You might devise a survey, distribute it, and receive 500 completed surveys back.

When respondent numbers are larger than you can manage yourself, Trade Quotes can help. Our staff can transcribe the data you have captured on paper into machine-readable form (see Data Entry), write the programs necessary to organize the data, and produce a series of charts which break down how respondents answered each survey question (frequencies), the average response for each question (the mean), how respondents with certain characteristics answered specific questions compared to others—i.e. females vs. males—also known as cross-tabulations. We can also produce statistics (chi-square, standard deviations, correlations, etc.) that you might need for more intensive analysis of your respondents' answers. We can give you the basic data listed above as a set of reports—so that you have the necessary consolidated data to create the presentation you want—or we can work with you to put that data into the form of graphs and charts that make up the final presentation you require. Lastly, we can receive the surveys directly, using our Business Reply Mail permits, giving you a beginning-to-end solution for your survey project.

Alternatively, we can take those surveys, key the data into a file that you can use, and give you back a digital copy of all the data, ready for you to tabulate, analyze, and print your own reports.

An example: For over eight years we have provided marketing support to our client who provides high volume city tours for area visitors. We pick up boxes of feedback forms that are collected from our client’s passengers. We prepare the forms for data entry and then key the responses into a database of our design. A file of responses from an online version of the survey is downloaded, modified and merged with the keyed database. Finally, we process statistical reports that our client uses for future tour planning and marketing.


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